Discussion about Breast Carcinoma & breast abscess - (lecture-2)

Question :- What are the types of Breast Carcinoma?

Answer :

1. Scirrhous - commonest
2. Atrophic scirrhous carcinoma.
3.inflammatory carcinoma.

4. paget's Disease of the nipple.
5.lipomatous carcinoma.
6. Colloid Carcinoma.
7.Medullary Carcinoma.

Question:- What are the Clinical presentation of Breast carcinoma?


General:- Anorexia, Weight loss, Anemia.
Metastatic:- Bone pain.
Local:- 1. Upper & Outer quadrant of the breast.
            2. Blood stained Discharge.
3.Ulcerated growth.
4.Nipple retracted.
5.Margin Raise & everted.
7.Hard lump with indrawing of nipple.