low RAM, No problem Use Your Pen-Drive as RAM and enjoy your Faster PC.

hello, How are you.
We know RAM(Random Access Memory) is very important organ for computer.
Without RAM computer never work.When we have not enough free RAM on pc can't do anything
properly. Computer always hang due to shortage of RAM.So must see RAM of computer when we brought Computer.Today I will try to circulate new system for Your RAM solution.

I got an idea to solve the RAM problem.
So, i share my idea with you .
 We have Pen-Drive this is enough to solve RAM problem.
Use Your Pen-Drive as RAM in your PC.
Just follow the  Instruction below.
1.You must ensure that your Pen-Drive works properly.
2.Now connect your Pen-Drive with your PC via USB port.
3.Now Go to the My Computer menu.
4.Then select right button and click on properties.
5.From properties you select Advanced Tab.

6.Now Go to the performance and click on setting. like as  picture above.

7.Now go to the Performance menu and select Advanced tab.

8.You see Virtual Memory option and click on Change .

9.Then select your Pen-Drive as like as picture below.

10.Now use the custom size radio button & type initial size 1020 maximum size for 2GB pendrive.
12.Now Click on set button & click OK to save the setting.
13.Restart Your Computer.
You successfully complete your work.
You can maximize your size associated with your Pen-Drive capability.
Precautions- Never Remove the Pen-Drive While your PC is Working.
which may crush your Windows system of your  computer.