Definition & Medical related Terms-1

Abortion:-Termination  or  interruption of          pregnancy before 28 weeks  of gestation.
Abscess:- localized  collection of pus   anywhere in the body , surrounded and walled off by damaged and inflamed tissues.
Amnesia:- Loss of the memory of varying degree attributable to organic  or psychological causes.

Ankylosis:- Complete immobility of a joint  resulting  from pathological changes  in  that  joint  or  of  the structures  associated  with it.
Apnea:- Cessation  of  breathing .
Arrythmia:- A disturbance  of  cardiac rate  and  rhythm.
Ascites:- An  abnormal  accumulation of  fluid  in  the  peritoneal  cavity.
Ataxia:-  Loss  of control  over  the  voluntary
movements of everyday  life , which
dwpend upon the  various group of muscles  involved in being completely  balanced with  each other.